Season 14
Young Achiever

Summer. 2000.

This season captures the height of my use of Flash to create very detailed pieces at the turn of the millenium. At the time I was inspired by the likes of The Designer's Republic as well as all of the new heavily tech-inspired Flash work coming out at the time. Mike Young's Designgraphik was a huge influence. There are specific layers to these compositions designed to create depth and complexity. One layer was the photographic or photo-composited object. The swimmer is my friend Maya that I shot in her apartment frame by frame. Other layers consist of 3D forms as well as small type moments that usually contained hidden messages and thoughts. I hoped that people would poke around and try to decipher all of the smaller elements. Even now I like the home screen and the Achilles Young Achiever pieces because they still feel compositionally interesting and cool for the year 2000.