Season 03
The Great Society

Fall. 1997.

Thematically this season is inspired by the space race and Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society" of the mid and late 1960's. Having grown up in Texas in the 70's and 80's with most of my relatives being from Houston, visiting Nasa and learning about the moon landing are very clear memories from my childhood. Most of the imagery in this season is from printed ephemera found at thrift stores that was scanned in as well as some Super 8 film stills. My love of thrift stores and old ephemera came from doing punk zines so using this material on the web was a logical extension of my analog DIY zine process. I used quite a few secondary Javascript pop up windows which I hoped would allow people to click around and discover new little hidden pop-ups. You can also see that I am starting to explore a more "tech" aesthetic with lot of hairlines line and vector shapes This aesthetic was starting to be a trend at the time.