Season 20
Good Neighbor Policy

Winter. 2001.

The season is dedicated to childhood vehicles. I made stingray bikes, a go cart, roller skates and a mini dirt bike. I wanted to make the vehicles feel more dimensional so I built them all in 3D first and used the 3D models to get the perspective right on each one. I didn't have the skill to make the models look good or render well so I just used them as a base and then redrew over them in Illustrator. The 'One' and 'Aim' bikes were made into digitally printed paintings and I gave them to my wife Amy who was my girlfriend in 2003. I used some flat 3D and lots of animated bubbles to give this season more energy. There is a bit of a street art vibe here because I was using some of the elements in a piece I was making for Lodown magazine around this same time.